Montessori Learners


Montessori Learners is a small press imprint that publishes Montessori-inspired picture books. Our debut series, coming out on July 26, 2021, features 4-year-old Kiri as she begins school in a Montessori classroom. Simple stories illustrate the Kiri’s experience, highlighting her curiosity and gift for observation. Written for a 3-5-year-old audience, the Kiri series places value on self-respect, the pleasure of self-directed, hands-on learning, patient observation, and an appreciation of the natural world and those around us. All of our books are committed to portraying beautifully diverse and inclusive classrooms, with children from a variety of backgrounds and households.


Kiri’s First Ride to School
Kiri is a curious kid. She’s about to begin school and has plenty of questions. With her mama, she gets ready for school and rides in their cargo bike across town. Kiri’s First Ride to School is an inviting story written for 3-5-year-olds preparing for their first day of schoolโ€”whether in a Montessori classroom or not!

Kiri in the Classroom
Kiri is a curious kid. Which makes the Montessori classroom environment the perfect place to explore! In Kiri in the Classroom, Kiri makes new friends on her first day of school and tries out all kinds of new activities. Written for 3-5 year olds, this is the perfect primer for kids who are new to the Montessori method.


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